1. Membership is minimally predicated on agreement with the points of unity; full membership of any individual must be determined collectively by the organization. Persons who substantially agree, but with minor differences may function as sympathizers. In some instances, potential members who agree fully with the Points of Unity may be recommended for sympathizer status or no status for a number of reasons, relating to the membership standards which follow.
  2. All prospective members and sympathizers will engage in a candidacy of collective work and study before being able to attain formal status.
  3. Members will abide by any meeting and dues requirements set collectively by the branch.
  4. Members will contribute to collective work, both political and theoretical, and to collective discussions either at meetings or in online fora.
  5. Members are expected to study communist theory and conduct investigation of real world conditions.
  6. Members are not required to tow party “line” beyond basic agreement with the Points of Unity and are encouraged to personally develop through political conversations inside and outside the organization; political disagreements between comrades pertaining to group functioning should be raised within the organization as soon as possible, whenever possible.
  7. Members are expected to treat each other with respect and in a way that demonstrates commitment to building independent working class and communist politics over and above sectarian and personal concerns.
  8. Members will not physically assault comrades and contacts of the organization in any context; doing so is grounds for immediate expulsion.
  9. Members who engage in gender-based, homophobic, or racist violence of any kind against any person are eligible for immediate expulsion.
  10. Members should avoid racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist and other kinds of derogatory and abusive speech, writing, behavior and harassment.
  11. A pattern of harassment as listed above is grounds for immediate expulsion.
  12. Members should not collaborate with law enforcement at any level against communist or other political organizations; any known history of such is a grounds for barment or expulsion. As a rule Members should avoid any  contact with police whenever possible; however the organization takes no position on the advisability of contacting the police under circumstances of physical abuse or gender based violence.
  13. Persons with any history of being a police collaborator or informant for any reason should  be excluded from membership in the organization, because this pre-existing relationship may be easily exploited by police and is largely impossible for the organization to accurately assess.
  14. The process for investigation and expulsion will be collectively developed in a separate document. Members accused of violations of membership standards have a right to a formal internal process and “due process” before findings can be determined.

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