The Red League is a collective of communists who aim to develop revolutionary practice relevant to the current conditions in New York City and ultimately beyond. We recognize the workers movement, as it once existed, has been in a state of decay since the end of the 1970s. The challenges that this decay creates along with new social movements that have arisen in recent years — such as Occupy, Black Lives Matter, the renewed feminist militancy, etc – require a break with the prevailing orthodoxy that plagues the traditional left. To accomplish this we seek to incorporate and build up on lessons from past communist and workers movements and innovations/new theories developed by marxist/materialist feminism and the antiracist/anticolonialist movement. The Red League actively seeks to engage with individuals and organizations that find common ground with our Points of Unity and orientation toward practical work developing revolutionary working class organizations.

If you wish to learn more about the Red League and our activities, please check out our Points of Unity and our blog as well as emailing us at redleaguenyc [at]